If you are someone who has often wondered WHY people do what they do, then you will probably have come to one of three conclusions (or, at least, some close approximation):

  1. It's just random! I have a better chance on the roulette wheel than I do trying to figure out what is really going on.
  2. Almost everyone but ME is mistaken, deluded or stupid!
  3. It must be something to do with different people seeing things differently.

Over a quarter of a century of quantitative research shows, categorically, that it is the third of these that is the (objective) truth ... and that the determining factor is a person's Values

Our Values are the nest of beliefs and motivators - largely subconscious - that underpin our attitudes to almost everything we encounter. They are tied directly into our emotions, not our rational faculties. They are what so frequently make us choose something or perform an action before we have really thought about the consequences.

If we could, in some way, understand a person's Values, then we would be able to understand better why they do what they do. Perhaps more importantly, we would be better placed to influence them - not in any "controlling" sense but perhaps by making "natural" to them a choice or behaviour that we consider desirable.

Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing advises organizations of all kinds on the implications of changes in cultural and individual Values on policies, processes and procedures.

Our methods are based on quantitative research that has been conducted since 1973, measuring the Values, Beliefs and Motivations of (primarily) the UK population. Similar research has been conducted in over 40 countries by similar organizations.

We have proven expertise in Brand positioning, Brand proposition development, Policy development, Fund raising (charities, etc.), Sales improvement ... in fact, most areas of business that pivot around a clear, workable understanding of what makes people tick.

We combine our business experience as managers and consultants with this deep, rich body of research and apply it to create robust business solutions.