Here are a few of the organizations and people we work with who really inspire us. What they all have in common is that they are consumate professionals, they "get" Cultural Dynamics' stuff, and they are thoroughly good people. What's not to like?

The premier ethical strategic campaign consultancy. Chris Rose is your man. Subscribe to his Newsletter and read how many different environmental and ethical organizations use Values Modes.

If you work in a Local Authority, Strategic Health Authority or Primary Care Trust, you should speak with The Campaign Company. Our friends there are hot stuff in Social Marketing. They are great at using values research to plan and deliver sustainable and creative interventions in a wide variety of areas - racism, unhealthy behaviours, and social problems of all kinds.

iMPOWER is dedicated to public services. Their wealth of experience and understanding of the unique challenges faced by Local Government and other Authorities, particularly in the areas of Transformation and Change, should put them at the top of your list if you're looking for help in those areas. With the values dimension integrated into their processes, these guys are top flight.

iQube's guiding philosophy is that the customer should be at the centre of all marketing decisions. Understanding what makes those customers tick is at the heart of that. They focus particularly on the food & drink, agricultural, animal health & human health markets. These guys are smart cookies.

The most experienced UK qualitative research agency in the use of Values Modes. Recommended for their "Constructor Groups". John Scott is the kiddie.

Global Cool is dedicated to reducing the world's carbon footprint - and making it fun!. Using CDSM's Values Modes, they identified the Now People as the target for all their campaigns. Check them out for the most innovatiove and fun events in the global climate change calendar.