We had the luxury of creating our Vision at the very time we were forming the company, so we took all the time we needed to get it right. We held that Vision for over ten years and it guided us well. Inevitably, as our business has grown and developed, we have felt the need to revisit and update our Vision. We are sure it will serve us just as effectively as our original one.

So ... (fanfare of trumpets) ... here it is!

To create ways to make evidence-based and creative decisions "Human".

We are focused on creating better ways to communicate and to build more fulfilling human relationships in the business and personal lives of all those with whom we interact, directly or indirectly.

To make this possible, we will continuously develop new and better tools and techniques that systematically incorporate human emotions into evidence-based and creative decision-making. This will be based upon the language of Values, derived from a robust evidential foundation.

We will constantly strive to ensure that our processes are simply additive to our clients' research and decision systems, rather than demanding that they be supplanted.

To guide us in this endeavour, we will hold to our Core Values:

Service over self-interest.
(Always acting for higher purpose / the greater good)

Accepting of self and others.

Trusting of autonomous action.

Being discriminating between means and ends.

Always acting with love and humour.
(The perennial Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would be done by").

We take our Vision seriously. It is a hard task-master and we frequently have to remind ourselves (and each other) of what it says and (more importantly) means. More often than not, when our emotions are running away with us, the blood is up and we're not listening to each other, the resolution to our differences is to be found in our Vision. More often than not, when we are conflicted in our decisions, sometimes to the point of paralysis, the right path is suggested by our Vision. Our Vision is our Discipline and our Inspiration.