The Settler (Sustenance Driven) needs are:

  • Core physiological needs.
  • Safety and Security.
  • Belonging.

The Settler Values Modes are:

Some typical Settler characteristics are:

  • Family and home, and caring for them, tend to be at the centre.
  • For those living alone, friends take the place of family.
  • Tradition and family structure are important.
  • Prefer things to be "normal".
  • Naturally conservative (with a small "c").
  • Security conscious - wary of crime, violence and terrorism.
  • Supportive of tough punishment for criminals.
  • Wary of change, especially for its own sake.
  • More comfortable with regular and routine situations.
  • Concerned about what the future holds.

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The Prospector (Outer Directed) needs are:

  • Esteem of Others.
  • Self Esteem.

The Prospector Values Modes are:

Some typical Prospector characteristics are:

  • Success oriented.
  • Always want to "be the best" at what they are doing.
  • Welcome opportunities to show their abilities.
  • Take great pleasure in recognition and reward.
  • Look to maximise opportunities.
  • Will take opportunities for advancement and professional networking.
  • Trend and fashion conscious.
  • Like new ideas and new ways.
  • Generally optimistic about the future.

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The Pioneer (Inner Directed) needs are:

  • Aesthetic cognitive.
  • Self Actualization.

The Pioneer Values Modes are:

Some typical Pioneer characteristics are:

  • Trying to put things together and understand the big picture.
  • Concerned about the environment, society, world poverty, etc.
  • Always looking for new questions and answers.
  • Strong internal sense of what is right and what is wrong.
  • Strong desire for fairness, justice and equality.
  • Self-assured and sense of self-agency.
  • Generally positive about change, if it seems worthwhile.
  • Cautiously optimistic about the future.

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