The CDSM Values Alphabet
Attributes descriptions published so far.

Achievement   Acquiescence   Adaptable   
Adventure   Aesthetics   Afraid   
Artisan   Aspiration   Bender   
Benevolence   Be Satisfied   Big Business   
Bodily Ease   Budget Bedlam   Busy   
Buzz   Car Casual   Caring   
Catharsis   Certainty   Cheerful   
Coasting   Complacent   Confident   
Conformity   Conscience   Control   
Creativity   Deference   Discipline   
Distant   Divided   Exhilaration   
Faith   Fantasy   Force   
Forgiveness   Free   Fun   
Functional Spender   Global   Good Time   
Green intent   Healthy lifestyle   Hedonism   
Hetero Love   Image   Impulsive spender   
Independent   Indulgent diet   Inquisitive   
Insular   Irresolute   Joyness   
Justice   Learner   Listening   
Local   Looking good   Loyalty   
Luddism   Material Wealth   National Pride   
National security   Nature   Non-acquisitive   
Non-reflective   No sweat   Novelty   
Openness   Optimism   Overspend   
Patriarchy   Pessimism   Pleasure   
Positive green   Poverty aware   Power   
Premium shopper   Propriety   Religious   
Reserved   Revenge   Rules   
Safety   Security   Self-choice   
Self-direction   Self-efficacy   Sensitive   
Sexual   Shangri-La   Showhome   
Simmer   Skeptical   Socialist   
Solitary   Speculate   Stimulation   
Stupid law   Tao   Tradition   
Traditional Family   Two Classes   Universalism   
Unobliged   Unplanned   Visible ability   
Visible success   Whip   Wrong clothes