Overcoming the barriers to giving among the wealthy in the UK.

Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing Ltd. is proud to present the results of a survey of High Nett Worth Individuals and their attitudes and motivations towards giving.

Working in association with philanthropy specialist consultancy Beacon Collective (authors of the report), Barclays Private Bank, the Arts Council of Great Britain, and the Institute of Fundraisers, CDSM's Maslow GroupsTM and Values ModesTM segmentation analysis has been conducted and made freely available.

This report and its associated data will enable fundraisers and communicators can get inside the heads of these often hard to connect with, but vitally important people to gain their trust and commitment to charities and causes.

The report and data look, in depth, at both the bridges and barriers to involvement and engagement - what organizations are doing right and what they are doing wrong in terms of the values of High Nett Worth Individuals within each of the Maslow GroupsTMand Values ModesTM.

Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing Ltd's directors have nearly 40 years experience in applying insights into the research data of organizations. Advanced analysis of this report's data is available for interested organizations. Workshops and training can be provided to boards, fundraisers and communicators. If this report proves useful, organizational subscriptions to the British Values Survey can be negotiated.


The intitial press realease can be read here

The full report can be read here

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